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Lancewood Caramelized Plum Cheesecake

June 26, 2021


1 x 200 g packet tennis biscuits, finely crushed
125 g butter, melted
Filling:15 ml gelatine
45 ml hot water (not boiling)
2 x 230g LANCEWOOD® Medium Fat Plain Cream Cheese, at room temperature
125 ml castor sugar
5 ml vanilla essence


5 plums, halved and sliced
60 ml melted butter
60 ml soft brown sugar


Mix together the crushed biscuits and the melted butter. Press into a spring form pan and place in the fridgeto set.


Sprinkle the gelatine over the water. Stir to dissolve. Cool slightly. Meanwhile, beat the cream cheese,castor sugar and vanilla essence together. Add in a thin stream to the cream cheese mixture while beating.Pour into the prepared pan and place back in the fridge until set.


Heat the butter and sugar together in a pan. Add the plums and simmer over low heat until caramelized.Cool and spoon on top of cheesecake.

*Use pineapple instead of plums.

Products Used:

Medium Fat Plain Cream Cheese

Zandam Burrata and Strawberry Salad

June 26, 2021

Burrata is a modern Italian cheese made from Mozzarella and cream. It has a solid Mozzarella shell, filled with stracciatella (fresh Mozzarella shreds soaked in cream). This gives Zandam Burrata an unusual soft texture and it is perfect with the crisp sweetness of the strawberries and fragrant mint in this recipe.

Ingredients For The Pesto

2 cups (40g) mint leaves

1 clove garlic, minced

½ cup (120 ml) olive oil

For The Salad

2 cups (300g) strawberries, sliced

About 100g (one tub) of Zandam Burrata

A handful of fresh mint

Salt and freshly ground pepper

Method / The How:

Process the ingredients for the pesto in a food processor. If you don’t have one, finely chop everything and combine together.

Place the mint leaves and strawberry slices on your serving plate. Sprinkle with some salt and cracked black pepper.

Add the pesto and gently stir to coat the strawberries with the pesto.

Gently tear the Zandam Burrata open and place in the middle of the serving plate.

Serve and enjoy the taste of this award-winning cheese!

Lancewood Creamy Strawberry Mousse

June 26, 2021


4 x 250 ml sliced fresh strawberries
75 ml xylito
l5 ml vanilla essence
250 ml cream
500 ml LANCEWOOD® No sugar Added Double Cream Strawberries & Cream Yoghurt
60 ml flaked almonds, toasted (optional)


Mix the strawberries, 30 ml of the xylitol and the vanilla essence together. Leave to stand until the crystalsdissolve and the sauce becomes syrupy.

Beat the cream and the remaining xylitol together until stiff. Fold the yoghurt into the cream little by little.

Using serving glasses, layer the strawberries and yoghurt mixture. Top with toasted almonds and enjoy!

No Sugar Added Double Cream
Strawberries & Cream Yoghurt


Lancewood Cheesy Baked Jalapeño

June 25, 2021


10 – 12 jalapeños 1 spring onion, chopped 100 g bacon, fried & diced 100 g LANCEWOOD® Cheddar, finely grated 125 g LANCEWOOD® Creamed Smooth Plain Cottage Cheese

To Serve:

Additional spring onions & bacon


Preheat oven to 200°C. Slice the jalapeños in half lengthways and remove seeds. Using a small bowl, add the spring onion, bacon, cheese and cottage cheese and mix together. Fill the jalapeño halves with the cheese mixture and place on a lined baking sheet. Top with a sprinkle of cheese and bake for 15 minutes or until cheese is melted and golden. Serve with extra spring onion and bacon and enjoy while they are still hot.

Creamed Smooth Cottage Cheese