Factory Shop


A tradition of high-quality products, dedicated employees, loyal customers, and neighbourhood conveniences are all reasons why Malan’s Dairy has been part of the Paarl community for so many years.

We are a long-established, family-owned retail factory shop focused on premium dairy and food products. Our extensive range of products includes fresh milk and cream, an extensive range of cheese, eggs, UHT milk, salted and unsalted butter, assorted beverages and a wide selection of meat products.

As a dairy industry leader, our range of dairy products is always growing to meet demand with as many dairy products as possible being sourced from local suppliers.

Our assortment of products includes various brands of milk, yoghurt, flavoured milk, juice, mineral water, fresh cream, butter, buttermilk, maas, cheese (gouda, cheddar, mozzarella, feta, cottage) sour cream, mascarpone and various speciality cheeses.

We are a customer-focused retail factory shop and believe our service and efficiency is second to none, with our extensive experience of delivering fresh dairy and food products, helping us to fulfil your daily needs.