Our Team

Our team are dedicated, and some have been with us for more than 25 years

Internal Sales make sure our daily orders and customer service needs are met – with efficiency and dedication!

The consultants on the road, are constantly finding us new clients, and making sure our existing clients know about specials, new products and just feel as special as they have for the past 69 years!

Our admin and accounts team are on point, and this department runs like a well-oiled machine

Our driver and truck assistant team work closely with the cold storage and packing teams to ensure deliveries are on time every day! These teams often start at 4am and only finish late in the evenings – they are a passionate and focused team

We are so proud of our team – and every single person plays an important part in the daily running of this business – even though we have grown so much – we have always remained a family orientated business also have a dedicated team working with them, everybody giving it their all.